About Us


The Mass Appeal Entertainment ltd and all other operations under this umbrella was created for one thing; “appealing to the fun active masses” . The mass appeal logo stands out as your seal of entertainment, reminding us we are creative beings, and evolve as time goes by with the understanding of where current culture is at any period of the year in the world of entertainment & style. With the desire for beautiful things, no mater how uptight we seem to be, there is always the crave for certain music, or wearing lovely clothes, or an event to go, or a make-over before hitting the cinemas. Thus, Mass Appeal is here to support and promote in these areas.

As the name implies, Mass Appeal is aimed at satisfying the groove nature of man. The stars may be on stage but the audience is king. It seeks to showcase style, fashion, music, videos, glamour and all round genres into the massive world of entertainment. It is said that a man is as old as he feels; a woman is as old as she looks. However, the Mass Appeal team is here to represent a brand that all can benefit from.

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Our Mission

To create a platform emanating from Africa where style and poise will be appreciated in businesses related to beauty, show biz and entertainment in general, and also marketed, celebrated and easily gain access to by prospective customers.

Our Vision
To be acknowledged as a unique and widely accepted brand internationally. Creating a base of excellence and acceptance for the Creative minded people.