What we do


“Certified to Attract” is the major slogan of Mass Appeal. It indicates that every and any one under the target brand description can make use of the mass appeal brand as his or her own and gain recognition while doing so. When business is good, it pays to advertise. When business isn’t good, you’ve got to advertise. As long as you consider your business socially relevant and seek to increase your customer/client base, then you are surely at the right place and there’s always room at the top.

Appealing to the Roar of the social crowd.

We advertise and promote those in Music, Fashion, Arts & Events. At Mass Appeal we get your brand on radio airplay, online, mobile adverts, and other various forms of activation suited for you. In addition to your business inclined info, music and pictures uploaded to this site, we also create links through our Facebook page posts/ Twitter handle, (Tested and Trusted) which are Paid for only to reach thousands of your target audiences/clients in any state or country you request. Our official Dj and Promotional/Marketing partners are also on standby to take your music far and wide when you hire our music promotion team. We are known as the ultimate Hype masters and we always deliver and get the job done.

Those who follow the fashion never create it.

Our aim is to promote the elegant, smart, tasteful, trendy, and those involved in the art that captivates the exciting mind, the fun places/activities we go for or see on tv and the things we do to make us look good and stand out. It is said that ‘art is what separates man from beast. Mass Appeal ‘Certified To Attract’ has got you covered and ready to spread your brand to the masses that matter. Whether it’s in the art of music, fashion, make-up, beauty, body and hair treatments. In a nutt shell we’r all about the fun parts of life.